Saturday, January 16, 2010

Olivia Forever!!: Third Shoot.

Had our third shoot last night-- the first since way back in November. There was some delay in getting the equipment we needed, and by the time we got it, the holidays were upon us.

Here is where we'd usually put a few screen-shots from the shoot, grabbed during the late night video capturing session that usually follows a day of shooting. Today, we would be editing said footage, and thinking of the humorous anecdotes we would share with you in this space.

But, due to some technical issues-- amusing enough, issues that arise out of a recent (and generous) hardware upgrade that is going to result in the new and improved DVD releases of our prior efforts-- we can't actually connect camera to computer, which is the most pivotal step in this whole digital filmmaking thing. We have no way of knowing, in fact, if the footage looks or sounds as good as it did the night before, and we likely won't until at least next month when our upgrade gets an upgrade to restore that previous functionality.

If our last film, Son of a Seahorse, was remarkable for how smoothly it all went-- written, shot, and edited with sure-footed speed-- Olivia Forever!! is quickly becoming one of those films where there's always another problem, always another roadblock. Already we've been living with this film since November of 2008. We were supposed to be done with it by the end of last year, and we've hardly gotten started.

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