Saturday, March 15, 2014

Prepotent Kickstarter!

In 2010, I began working on a board game about horse-breeding. In 2011, I found a publisher in Numbskull Games. And now, after literally years of waiting, preparing, hair-pulling, and fine-tuning, my publisher is launching a kickstarter campaign.

You can get a copy of the game with free US shipping for only $40-- $10 less than retail. For $75, you get Prepotent, and any other Numbskull title-- that's $100 retail, and that's before the free-shipping.

Any crowd-funding campaign poses a risk, but there is an element about this one-- and really, about any board game related campaign-- that makes it a somewhat safer bet:

Unlike a film, where a billion things can and do go wrong, short of a global apocalypse, if this funds, you will get a game. The game is already designed, already finished, and just waiting for the money to print it. In a way, this functions as a kind of pre-order system. So, c'mon, order a copy.

Of course, this is assuming you're interested in the game. To help you make up your mind, here's a video in which some goober tells you all about it: