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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Tom Russell for Mayor of Dearborn

Tom Russell is running for Mayor of Dearborn, and he's providing you with a behind-the-scenes look at his stunning campaign, in the form of a new youtube series.

In defiance of Blog Top-Posting Protocol, we're storing all the videos in this entry, in descending order from first to most recent.

These first few episodes follow my attempt to get on the ballot. Will I succeed?

Here, I explain municipal government through the eternal metaphor that is BurgerTime:

Here I am at the Chamber of Commerce. This was my first foray into public speaking.

The biggest event of the race by far was the League of Women Voters Candidate Forum. Episodes ten through thirteen draw heavily from footage of this event.

As the series and the race neared its close, I got considerably more introspective about the whole thing.

Episode fourteen gives another reason why I'm running, and gives me a chance to evaluate my mistakes.

In episode fifteen, I look back on the whole campaign and provide a recap of the story-so-far.

Episode sixteen gives one more reason why I ran, and also presents the results of the election.

Thank you for watching, and thanks to everyone who voted for me!