Thursday, March 19, 2009

Films Tom Wishes Were On Region-1 DVD

Mary's list is forthcoming.

1. A Thousand Clowns-- seen it, loved it, used to own it on video. Great performance from Robards, Oscar-winning turn by Balsam, and the lovely and astonishing Barbara Harris is both lovely and astonishing.

2. Song of the South-- saw it once at an outdoor theater during a camping trip; a crappy 16mm print that double-featured with The Apple Dumping Gang. Obviously a controversial film, and I certainly understand the reasoning behind its unavailability. But it would be better to discuss the film with today's generation than to supress it, yes?

3. Celine and Julie Go Boating-- the first I saw it, I hated it. Somewhere between the second and third viewing I was rapturously in love with it. The only truly great movie about movies.

4. Chimes At Midnight-- of course.

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