Sunday, June 07, 2009

Ecco Jr. > Ecco 1 & 2-- Don't argue, you know I'm right.

Or, Weekend To-Do List Update.

  • Still working on Billy Jack appreciation, should be done by end of night/early morning. Depends on how big I want to go with it-- I might have to rewatch Trial of Billy Jack and Born Losers so I can discuss the film in the context of Laughlin's oeuvre. Not looking forward to revisiting Trial, as its nearly three hours long and at once the weakest and the most ambitious of the four.
  • Organized my notes on Sacred 2 into an outline-- still have to finish writing the review, however. Should be getting the new Terminator game soon and I don't want to fall behind.
  • Did nothing in the garden this weekend. Too humid out.
  • Should be doing the last bit of voice-over for that wedding video this Thursday (hi Marshall!).
  • Did a little bit more work on the script but not enough.
  • Did a substantial amount of work on Side Saddle 2 and am about to restart it from scratch. This is I do at least two or three times for every game I make and I accept it as a natural if sometimes frustrating part of the process.
  • And finally, what I spent most of my weekend doing: working on that Super-Secret Top 100 List for a Super-Secret Popular Culture and Gaming Website. Or, rather, I spent the weekend doing, ahem, "research". Said research is what led me to make the obviously contrarian conclusion that gives this post its title. While I have actual game-design reasons and artsy-fartsy mumbo-jumbo I can cite in support of my determination, let me be a bit pithier and simply say that Ecco Jr. is the only game in the series that I can get beat.

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