Monday, February 01, 2010

Gone Baby Gone

DVDs for Son of a Seahorse and The Man Who Loved are now out-of-print. Shiny new fancy-pants editions are coming soonish-- probably late spring for the first, and summer for the second. This new editions have a number of new supplemental materials, including commentary tracks, as well as remixed/optimized audio. All of this, like everything that came before, is being done completely by our own hand.

More information about the new DVDs, as well as online viewing, will be made available as soon as we have more to reveal.

Critics and bloggers who would like screeners to review can send us an e-mail at milos_parker at yahoo dot com.

If you'd like to support our work financially in the interim, you can always buy a copy of Tom's novel Jolt City through for $20 (we'll get $3.34 of the transaction).

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