Monday, March 30, 2009


This will probably be the shortest review I'll ever write, mostly because words are not only an inaccurate way to approach Into Great Silence but also because they are completely unnecessary. Here is a film that has no narrative and indeed no "characters", no "point", no "ideas". Here is a film that just is, that merely exists as space, image, sound, and time.

What a wonderful conception of the art form of film-- how freeing and yet how frightening: for a film with no point, no theme, and no story is a film completely without room for authorial comment or style. While like all film it is a "shaped" experience-- composed of shots married together and cut short by the magic of editing-- In Great Silence doesn't really give you a sense of that shaping. There is never the sense that our eye is being directed to this aspect of a shot or that one, or that a point is being crystalized by a telling detail.

The film simply is and, surprisingly, that is more than enough.

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